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Seattle Seahawks, Custom NFL Drawstring Bags,

Smith did say he has "so much respect" for what Jones has done in Atlanta and for the Falcons. But he wouldn't say much about whether what Jones has done in the past will continue in the future.Seattle Seahawks

It was one day in shorts and T-shirts in May, which is critical context. But those seemed like encouraging signs for the Patriots.

[Image: dallas-cowboys-sports-backpack-nfl-dalla...50x250.jpg]

“I’ll tell you what, I’m intrigued,” Kelce told ESPN’s NFL Live. “My eyes are open. I’m peeking at the headlines, seeing where he goes. Listen, that’s a game-changer. When you talk about guys that can make plays anywhere on the field, full route tree no matter where you put him, that’s a guy that changes the game and changes teams, so I’m interested to see where lands.”New England Patriots

[Image: new-orleans-saints-new-orleans-saints-dr...50x250.jpg]

In the aftermath of the draft, head coach Bill Belichick said that will remain the case until someone plays better than Newton.

The Colts aren’t likely to hold that top spot for much longer, though. The team has big extensions for linebacker Darius Leonard and right tackle Braden Smith coming up. Leonard could reset the market at linebacker while Smith will get paid as one of the top right tackles in the game.Miami Dolphins

Aaron Rodgers is in Hawaii with fiancee Shailene Woodley while the Green Bay Packers are holding OTAs. It doesn’t look like he regrets not being there.Minnesota Vikings

But the 2022 salary cap ceiling as been set this week after the NFLPA and NFL owners agreed upon a figure of $208.2M for the cap ceiling. That’s great news, given that it’s some $23M higher than the current cap — although expecting the league to hit that ceiling may be ambitious. In reality, it will probably fall somewhat short of that number.
Custom NFL Drawstring Bags

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