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Introduce Yourself - wug_admin - 27-01-19

A thread for new members to introduce themselves.

As I created this thread, allow me to get the ball rolling:

I'm Nick.  Living in sunny old England by the seaside.  Right now, I am a solo dev but also with a full-time job.  So my waking hours are work and, erm, work!  *grins*

I've always dabbled with coding, from the early heady days of the Spectrum 48k, with the joy that was ASCII BASIC.  I've had fun with a few coding languages and fun-type game engines over the years - as a hobby - for too long.  And I've always been creative.  I've spent nearly ten years studying story structure, too.  So, one day, I asked myself, 'How can I use story structure in game design?'

And then 'Prisoner 518' was born.

Over to you!